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SìRose Brut, Dry rosè sparkling wine Martinotti method, Primitivo 100%, 11.5% alc.

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NAME: SìRose Brut.

TYPE OF PRODUCT: Dry rosè sparkling wine Martinotti method.

VINE VARIETY: Primitivo 100%.

ABV: 11.5%.

AREA OF PRODUCTION: Vineyards owned by the company belonging to the production area of ​ Primitivo in Puglia.

VINEYARD CULTIVATION: The Guyot method is used. The vineyards are situated in hilly terrains with a medium texture, tending to be clayey.


VINIFICATION: Harvesting of grapes is gradual, usually at the beginning of August, making sure that the degree of maturation of the grapes keeps good freshness in acidity and a sufficient alcoholic level for sparkling. VInification takes place at a controlled temperature, with soft pressing in white. After the grape has been pressed, it is immediately separated from the marc, allowing it to obtain a precious rosé color.

SECOND FERMENTATION: The fermentation is done with the Martinotti or Charmat method in steel autoclaves at 15-18 ° C for about 15 days. Finally, the temperature is lowered to about -4 °C until bottling.

ORGANOLEPTIC FEATURES: Red rose color with red gold reflections. Fine, quite large and persistent perlage. Highly intense olfactory sensation, expression of fruity and citrus hints like cedar, lime, wild cherry, cranberry. A floral touch of red rose and violet. Balsamic final notes of menthol.

Dry sparkling wine with a strong and pleasant acidity that can be combined with the most succulent and complex dishes.

SUGAR CONTENT: Dry sparkling wine with a sugar content of 8 g/L.

WINE AND FOOD PAIRINGS: Fatty dishes, such as baked salmon, baked prawns, steamed lobster and fried crustaceans.


CONSERVATION: It is advisable to conserve the bottle in a vertical position, in a cool and dark place.


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vigneto Primitivo 100%
TIPO DI PRODOTTO Spumante rosè secco Metodo Martinotti
ZONA DI PRODUZIONE Vigneti di proprietà aziendale ricadenti nel territorio di produzione del Primitivo in Puglia

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