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Our Company

Azienda Agricola Bufano rises up in the charming landscape of Valle d’Itria. Their plots of land are situated in the Murgia dei Trulli, in the Natural Park Terra delle Gravine and in Salento.

This land, which attracts many tourists from all over the world, is characterized by Trulli, Cummerse, ancient Masserias, drystone walls which encircle vineyards and centuries-old olive groves, and by the wild, sunny and scented countryside as far as your eye can see.



Our territory


In this magical stage there are some of the most beautiful towns in Italy:

  • ALBEROBELLO, famous for its Trulli, which are a UNESCO site since 6th December 1996;
  • LOCOROTONDO,whose name comes from the circular shape of its historical centre and where you can admire the wonderful “Cummerse”, covered with calcareous slabs called “chiancarelle”;
  • CISTERNINO with its medieval historical center that recalls the scenery of a typical oriental village with its lime-painted houses and numerous inns where you can enjoy the typical dishes of the place;
  • MARTINA FRANCA, where you can enjoy the barock and rococò architectural style of its historical center;
  • GROTTAGLIE, famous for the Pottery quarter, consisting of several craft workshops, many of which boast a long tradition and world-famous reputation.
  • BRINDISI, the easternmost point of Italy, which overlooksthe blue waters of the Adriatic and, divided in various bays,forms an illustrious harbor on the East Coast, thus it became favourite residence of the Romans and the Greeks. (Salvatore Morelli).

Our experience

Thanks to a long tradition and experience in this sector, the farm Bufano produces wines of certified quality. The use of roses in vine helps protect the vine against parasitic and cryptogamic attacks, thus giving a more genuine product without being overly treated. Moreover the rose, thanks to its aromatic bouquet, gives the ripening grapes those scents that develop later in wines such as sparkling wines.

As time goes by and thanks to the appreciations of the connoisseurs, the farm Bufano has expanded its production and its vineyards which today extend to about 50 hectares of Primitive and Minutolo in the Valle d'Itria and in Murgia dei Trulli areas, Primitivo grapes in the Natural Park of Terra delle Gravine, Negroamaro in the Land of Salento and Brindisi, and Glera grapes, cultivated in the Veneto Region according to the Prosecco D.O.C. policy document.

The business core consists of the vineyards planted on the historical terraces that embrace Locorotondo. Primitivo and Minutolo grapes grow in harmony, respecting the tradition, on the terraces that extend from one end to the other of the old town, in the allure of the colorful and aromatic roses. The charm of the panorama that overlooks the whole Valle d’Itria is a delight for visitors.