Minutolo IGP Valle d’Itria

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Still semi-aromatic white wine, Minutolo 100%, 13% alc.

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NAME: Minutolo IGP Valle d’Itria.

TYPE OF PRODUCT: Still semi-aromatic white wine.

VINE VARIETY: Minutolo 100%.

ABV: 13%.

AREA OF PRODUCTION: Terracing in Locorotondo (BA).

VINEYARD CULTIVATION AND HARVESTING: The Guyot method is used.  The vineyards are located on the terraces surrounding Locorotondo. Each rope is crowned by a rose. The flower, together with the plant, as well as giving the typical scents that are transmitted into the next wine, helping viticulture in the field by manifesting parasitic and cryptogamic attacks. In this way, the grape production is much healthier and receives a very low number of treatments in the field.

Hand-harvested rigorously in cases, the grapes are immediately brought to the wine cellar and to the destemmer crusher.


VINIFICATION: In white, cold and controlled temperature, preserving the aromatic bouquet of Minutolo grapes.

ORGANOLEPTIC FEATURES: Wine of great elegance. Straw yellow color and greenish reflections indicate the freshness and of high quality raw material and wine-making process. It evokes in our sense of smell it expresses great intensity dictated by the Minutolo grape aroma. You can perceive the dedicated floral fragrance of lily and hawthorn. Fruity notes of  peach, passion fruit and tropical fruit. A final touch with spicy shades of menthol and balm.The taste it expresses great harmony with its aromatic bouquet. Dry wine, with good fresh / acid balance and softness. Pleasant persistent refined taste. 

SUGAR CONTENT: Dry wine with a sugar content of 3g/L. 

WINE AND FOOD PAIRINGS: Dishes  that express appealing aromatic quality and spice. Great combinations with truffles, mushrooms and herb cream cheese. Fish dishes of a pleasant structure such as redfish, mackerel and herringbone. 


CONSERVATION: It is advisable to conserve the bottle in a vertical position, in a cool and dark place.



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