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Dry rosé sparkling wine Martinotti method, Primitivo 100%, 11 - 11.5% alc.

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NAME: Sìrose Extra Dry.

TYPE OF PRODUCT: Dry rosé sparkling wine Martinotti method. 

VINEYARD VARIETY: Primitivo 100%.

ABV: 11 - 11.5%.

AREA OF PRODUCTION: The vineyards are located on the terraces that embrace the town of Locorotondo. Each rope is crowned by a rose. The flower, together with the plant, as well as giving the typical scents that are transmitted in the next wine, help viticulture in the field by manifesting parasitic and cryptogamic attacks. In this way, the grape production is much healthier and receives a very low number of treatments in the field.

VINEYARD CULTIVATION: The Guyot method is used. The vineyards are situated in hilly terrains with a medium texture, tending to be clayey.


HARVESTING AND VINIFICATION: Harvesting is done rigorously by hand and in cases, the grapes are immediately brought to the wine cellar and to the destemmer-crusher. Harvesting of grapes is gradual, usually at the middle of August, making sure that the degree of maturation of the grapes maintains good freshness in acidity and a sufficient alcoholic level for sparkling. Vinification takes place at a controlled temperature, with soft pressing in white. After the grape has been pressed, the must is immediately separated from the marc, allowing it to obtain a precious rosé color.

SECOND FERMENTATION: The fermentation is done with the Martinotti or Charmat method in steel autoclaves at 15-18°C for about 15 days. Subsequently the aging phase begins, which gives the name of Sparkling Wine of Quality. The aging lasts a minimum of 90 days in contact with the noble yeasts, expanding the bouquet of the final sparkling wine. Finally, the temperature is lowered to about -4 ° C for bottling.

ORGANOLEPTIC FEATURES: Crystalline and charming, light pink colour with purple reflections. Exceptional, fine, numerous and persistent perlage. The scent expresses intensity, complexity, scents of crisp fruits such as pomegranate, red apple, watermelon, cherry, black cherry, strawberry and grapefruit. Rose and poppy floral scents. It blurs in a touch of crust of bread and yeast due to 90-days aging. The taste is dry, full-bodied, with a pleasant acidity and sapidity. Sparkling wine of great balance and persistence.

SUGAR CONTENT: Slightly dry sparkling wine with a sugar content of 16 g/L.

WINE AND FOOD PAIRINGS: First courses of fish and crustaceans with tomato and spice. Great match with linguine with seafood or pulp in terracotta cooking pot.


CONSERVATION: It is advisable to conserve the bottle in a vertical position, in a cool and dark place.



Food Matches

vigneto Primitivo 100%
TIPO DI PRODOTTO Spumante rosè secco Metodo Martinotti
GRADAZIONE 11 - 11.5% alc.
ZONA DI PRODUZIONE Terrazzamenti di Locorotondo (BA)

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